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Van-tastic Service from FlavOil

High Oleic oil manufacturers FlavOil are now delivering direct to customers all over the UK in their distinctive new vans.

FlavOil have introduced High Oleic Oil into the Chippies all over the country and their customers are raving about the quality and significant savings when using the oil. Chippies such as The Catch in Hastings say the oil is 'the best oil that I have ever used'.

High Oleic oil is now being used by scores of independants and they are reporting significant savings because of the resistance of this new oil to breakdown and waste has been virtually eliminated, dispensing with the need for waste oil management.

It is also the healthiest oil that you can use for your customers.

For more details about High Oleic Oil contact Robin Tillmanns at FlavOil on 0207 1381 077

Story By: FlavOil

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Date : 10-08-2017
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