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Low’s Traditional fish and chip shop achieves blue fish label for sustainability

Low’s Traditional fish and chip shop achieves blue fish label for sustainability

Low’s Traditional fish and chip takeaway in Aberdeenshire earns a coveted sustainable fish certificate, from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The news means that Low’s takeaway can now use the MSC blue fish ecolabel on its cod and haddock, assuring customers that the fish sold has been responsibly caught using sustainable methods. It also means it can be traced back to the fishermen who caught it.

YouGov Research* with fish and chip shop customers has shown very positive support for sustainable fish - four in five fish and chip fans believing that chippies should serve certified sustainable fish.

The Westhill business was established 25 years ago by Clifford Low, who spent his entire life in the fish industry. The business was taken over 13 years ago by Clifford's son, David Low. 

Low’s Traditional has received numerous awards over the years, including the Federation of Fish Friers 5 star quality award. Last year, Low’s Alex Walker featured in the top 10 up-and-coming young friers, proving the chippie is nurturing their younger employees and expanding their skills to become experts and positive role models for the next generation.

Innovative in their business, now gaining the MSC blue fish ecolabel means Low’s are ensuring there is fish for the future generation, and ensuring full traceability for their diners in Westhill.

David Low, owner of Low’s Traditional, found the process of getting MSC certification an important part of meeting customer demand.

"The issue of fish stocks is on the news a lot and customers are questioning whether it is ok to eat fish, so we wanted to show them that it was possible to still enjoy fish sustainably. Fish and chips is the UK’s most successful takeaway and we want to keep it that way for the future – getting the MSC certification will definitely help us do that.”

"We have leaflets about MSC certification available, we feature it on a slide-show in-store and our staff wear badges with the blue fish on it – so we are doing anything we can to spread the sustainability message to our customers. We think it’s really important.”

Loren Hiller, commercial officer at the MSC, said: "It’s fantastic to have Low’s Traditional join our pioneering movement in achieving certified sustainable seafood for fish and chip fans. If there’s no fish, then there’s no fish and chips, and by choosing the blue fish ecolabel, Low’s Traditional are supporting the future of our oceans and the future of our nation’s favourite takeaway.” 

Choosing the blue fish label from fisheries, retailers, brands and restaurants guarantees sustainable, traceable methods and helps protect the life in our oceans for generations to come.

Story By: MSC

Date : 13-02-2018
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