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Papa's Fish and Chips takeaway plastics and so could you!

Papa's Fish and Chips takeaway plastics and so could you!

Takeaway plastics is the pledge Papa’s Fish and Chips have made in a campaign to remove all single-use plastics from its takeaway.

The campaign is one for all fish and chip shops to become involved with and be able to pledge their support.

To launch the Takeaway Plastic campaign, Papa’s Fish and Chips organised a beach clean at their Cleethorpes site. 30 volunteers including the NFFF and Seafish attended the day and set about cleaning up Cleethorpes beach. The day highlighted just how much plastics can be found on a beach every single day.

On fish and chip shops are able to learn the facts about plastic pollution, see the goals for the campaign and be able to pledge your support.

On the campaign Dino Papadamou said: “The campaign is to help the whole of the fish and chip industry to unite and to move away from plastics. All fish and chip shop are able to become involved whether it’s as moving from plastic bags to brown paper bags or simply being able to raise awareness in disposing of plastic responsibly to your customers.

“One takeaway being plastic free is literally a drop in the ocean but if everyone starts focusing on reusing and recycling responsibly, and encouraging that with the customers, then hopefully it will have a bigger impact and we’ll see less plastic in our seas.

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Story By: NFFF

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Date : 02-11-2018
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